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When it comes to World of Warcraft (or WoW) there is a large amount of things to do in the game. The vast majority of those things though don't really become available until you get a toon up to 85. This is where a Wow leveling guide will come into play. How though, you ask, can a leveling guide help? I mean with all the changes Blizzard has made, aren't they kind of obsolete? Not at all, and if you need some help with the leveling, there is no better help you can get.
There are lots of Wow leveling guides on the market, which is good for you because they're constantly trying to out-do one another. The first real trial in Warcraft is getting up to 85, and all of the available leveling guides try very hard to get you there in a short time. The best ones have most of the same features, they're in-game, and they tell you exactly what you need to do at any given point in the game. They can see your level and where you are in the game, thusly putting you right into the thick of things and leveling fast right away. They include quite a few extra helpers to give you the best leveling experience possible. (Meaning the fastest!) The very best guides have done all kinds of research on leveling, from all aspects. Travel time is a big time sink, and these days each race has a 'route' that will cut out most of this waste of time. Learning how to use your class is imperative to leveling faster as well, because if you know the best way to set the talents up, the best way to use your spells, and the best gear to get, you will spend more time killing stuff and getting experience and leveling than you would otherwise.
Each class has a talent ‘build' that suits it perfectly for leveling. Again, as you can see it's about reducing wasted time, and a good build will ensure whatever class you play has the least downtime possible. A lot of thought goes into each of these builds and with a great wow leveling guide you get a perfect leveling build for each class. Death Knights are a great example, research shows that if you put the majority of your points into the Unholy tree, you'll have the least amount of downtime and spend more time running around killing stuff. The point is to keep you moving, and not sitting around waiting for mana and health to go back up. Click this link to see the talent build on's talent calculator.
You can definitely get a wow leveling guide to suit your exact needs, but you need to know exactly what you want to get out of it first. Are you wanting only something that will help you with questing? Do you need help with playing your class, questing, and want other extras that'll keep you speedy as possible? There's a guide for that! You can use Zygor or Dugi for the first helper, and for the extras helping you learn your class and other great help check out Booster. Indeed, a wow leveling guide can help even the most experienced Warcraft player.

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World Of Warcraft DK Leveling Guide

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This article was published on 2011/03/24